Hello from Terri, Nursery Manager in waiting at Poole!


I have over 25 years experience of working in various early years settings in the local area. I have two grown up children, both of whom are teachers that I am so very proud of. I am passionate about quality childcare – it matters so much that children have a positive start in life and I am excited to be given the opportunity to set up a brand new nursery with a company with similar ideals. We are currently in the process of interviewing the initial start-up team of practitioners - a very busy, yet exciting time!

I would like to put things on this blog that I would naturally be sharing with parents at the nursery when it is open, sometimes ideas from things I have read, information about great practice, sharing examples from other Happy Days Nurseries, sometimes safety information, book reviews, ideas for things to do with children even recipes – just to keep it interesting.


So, what have I been up to...


I am pleased to say that we now have tiles and Solar Panels on the roof of the building, all the internal rooms have walls and the underfloor heating is laid.  Windows should be in this week– so the Nursery is making great progress and I will keep you up to date with this as things happen. Our next information evening will be held at Broadstone First School on Wednesday 26 April from 7 pm.

I have had the chance to visit some other Happy Days Nurseries and have seen some lovely practice, resources and exciting outside areas. In one of the newest Nurseries I was able to see the sort of equipment supplied for a new Nursery within Happy Days, wonderful Community Play wooden open-ended resources such as in the Explorer rooms connecting walking pathways for little ones just brave enough to try, a little rocker that a young baby worked out – with encouragement – how to fit a wooden steering wheel on himself. Open baskets some with beautiful coloured balls for babies to roll back and forth, others with soft bean bags or smooth wooden shapes and objects for Heuristic Play. I saw lovely interactions between the practitioners and the children, a child on his first settle – gently encouraged to sit with some others and look at a book with his Key person by his side who continued to acknowledge his feelings and gave him a comforting cuddle when needed.

In an Adventurers room the children were involved in playing with gloop in a sturdy wooden Tuff Spot stand mixing the cornflour, water and colours together with lots of chatter and laughter using a variety of measuring and pouring containers, being encouraged and praised as they scooped, mixed and poured. In this room I also saw how independent the children were at lunch time, setting the tables and then clearing and scraping and washing their plates. The children in the Adventures room, as part of the Happy Days Smart Start Programme, were going to experiment with alliteration using some of the lovely books supplied – this is one of the planned activities linking into the expectations of the EYFS for children in their final year before school. This well thought out programme is something that I am looking forward to embracing in Happy Days Nursery Poole.


A question – What would you like to see in your child’s room at Nursery? 

One of my passions because of my Forest School training is getting children to move and explore outside. The Poole Nursery will have safe, freely accessible, enclosed separate outside areas for both our Explorer and Adventurer children with a soft pour surface and climbing and special equipment suitable for the age groups. Beyond these areas will be a more wild garden area which is where we will have our Forest School activities. I will put up some examples of the sort of things we will be doing in future Blogs.  


Book review

‘Meet Happy Bear’ and ‘Don’t wake the Tiger’ by Words and Pictures. Lovely simple tales and a clever way to change expressions - all young children are fascinated by expressions- really lovely pictures and encourages children to get involved. Probably more suited to toddlers, but some babies may like these too! I have learnt never to underestimate a baby!