What to Pack for Day Nursery

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Oct 01, 2023

Your child’s first day of nursery is a wild mix of emotions. Pride, joy, anxiety, hope, and more: there’s so much to look forward to, but it’s only natural that there are some nerves to deal with as well.

You want to make sure they have the best day possible while also being worry-free yourself! As such, you might be wondering what they need to have packed to make the day the best it can be.

Read on to find out the essential items your child needs on their first day of nursery!

Don’t Forget Extra Clothing

Every parent wants their child’s first day to be exciting, so make sure you are as prepared as possible and send your child to nursery with all the clothing they could possibly need!

Sufficient and spare clothes
Nursery is a time for learning, exploration, and social activities, which means it can quite often get a little messy. On the first day, and every day afterward, please ensure your child has enough clothes to last the day, which includes a full outfit and a spare of everything.

This will guarantee that your child is happy and comfortable for the entire day, even if they get involved in some messy activities and need to change! It will also help keep them clean and hygienic in the event of inevitable “accidents”. 

Any clothes you send with your child should be clearly labelled with their full name so that we are able to easily identify and return misplaced or lost items by the end of the day. 

Also, if your child is not yet toilet trained, we ask that you please provide our staff with enough nappies to last the full day. 

Seasonal requirements
Don’t forget all the equipment your child might need depending on when they are starting! We have indoor and outdoor play areas in all weathers, so it is key that your child is safe and prepared for all situations.

In the summer, we ask that your child has a sunhat to help keep them safe in the sun. You may choose if you wish to give them sunglasses, though it is not essential. We provide suncream, but you can supply your own if you prefer.

In the winter, please ensure your child has a pair of wellies or other suitable footwear, warm socks, gloves, and outdoor clothing such as jacket, scarf and hat to allow them the opportunity to enjoy all outside learning areas.

You may want to bring a spare bag when you come to collect your child so you can keep any dirty clothes separate from the clean ones when it is time to leave!

Remember the Other Essentials 

Clothing will help keep your child safe and comfortable throughout the day, but everything else will help to make their experience the best it can be! Here are a few things to consider that you may need to put in their bag.

Baby formula and food
Please ensure your child has enough food to comfortably get through the day as we do not provide formula milk on site!

You should supply your child’s formula or breast milk in clearly labelled bottles with your child’s full name. 

Parents are requested not to bring into Nursery food from home with the exception of infant milk/powder/breast milk; this ensures that all children with allergies and intolerances are kept safe at all times.

Special comfort toys 
Sometimes your child has a very strong attachment to a particular toy or comforting device which may help them feel more secure. If this is the case, we urge you to keep the toy labelled if you can so our staff can give it back to your child if they lose it but be aware that the nursery cannot claim responsibility for any lost or damaged items.

Still got questions? Find FAQs page on our website!

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