Enabling environments where children can learn, explore and discover.

A child learning about her environments


From infancy to the age of 5, the brain undergoes its most rapid development phase, forming up to 90% of its final structure in that time. At Happy Days, we recognize the significance of establishing secure and nurturing learning environments that stimulate early brain development.

This critical insight, supported by extensive research, has influenced our choices in planning and crafting our day nurseries. That’s the key reason why all our rooms are intentionally designed with a warm and tranquil atmosphere. 

Research has demonstrated that an excess of vibrant colours can be distracting and lead to overstimulation in children. By cultivating neutral spaces, we enable children to concentrate more deeply on their play and learning activities. 

At Happy Days, we are committed to operating nurseries that successfully prioritise the cognitive growth and well-being of your child, fostering an environment conducive to their optimal development.


Our day nurseries carefully curate the selection of furniture in our playrooms to enhance children’s growth and development. We meticulously choose furniture from suppliers who view safety as their utmost concern through rigorous design processes. These Early Years suppliers are also selected based on their commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices.

Children's nursery furniture
Children's furniture at Happy Days Nursery
Our Nursery Furniture at Happy Days Nursery

Our Early Years approach to furniture selection centres around promoting children’s physical development, fostering their independence, and ensuring physical comfort. 

Indoors & Outdoors

In our nurseries, both indoor and outdoor spaces provide age-appropriate and high-quality provision areas. These carefully designed environments align seamlessly with our play-based “Where Children Shine” curriculum.

In our day nurseries, continuous supervision plays a crucial role in creating high quality, safe, and developmentally-challenging early education environments. 

Our curated resources and materials within these spaces are designed to encourage open-ended play, a fundamental aspect of early years learning and key skill development. This empowers children to exercise their autonomy and critical thinking skills when choosing resources and materials, determining how to use them, and deciding when to use them.

Our day nurseries are designed to awaken children’s natural curiosity and inherent desire to explore and comprehend the world around them. We ensure a safe and secure balance in our environments while providing opportunities for appropriate risk and challenge. Our approach instils a willingness to investigate and interact with their surroundings in a safe and stimulating way.

Explorers (0-2 yrs)

Where your child’s journey begins. A safe, warm space to develop and play, surrounded by caring, experienced staff who are fully focused on your child’s individual needs and routines.

Discoverers (2-3 yrs)

Starting to understand the world around them while building relationships. Well defined activity and play areas to encourage exploratory experiences.

Adventurers (3+ yrs)

Growing in confidence and knowledge, getting ready for their transition to school. Providing motivation to learn through unique open-ended play opportunities.

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