Careers Podcast #5

1 mins
Jun 28, 2022

Alex Venter, Quality Lead, discusses our Awe & Wonder Programme, part of the Strong and Confident Communicator aspect of the Happy Days curriculum. We also meet the author of this terms book, Zoz Saves Planet Blop, our very own John Cassidy, Recruitment Manager.

Careers Podcast #3

1 mins
Jun 06, 2022

Hear from Sarah Line, our Nursery Manager at Lyde Green, about her role and responsibilities and how she is inspiring the future with her children, families and colleagues.

Careers Podcast #4

1 mins
Jun 01, 2022

Meet Zoe from our nursery in Cheswick who discusses the benefits of Happy Days Flexible Working Programme

Careers Podcast #2

1 mins
May 11, 2022

Tales from two of our longest serving colleagues stretching over 30 years Nicola Brookes and Rebekah Fice-Thomson.

Careers Podcast #1

1 mins
Mar 08, 2022

Meet some of our apprentices from our nursery in Derriford who discuss why they chose a career in childcare and the benefits of an apprenticeship.