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Happy Days Nurseries Launch Boogie Mites Programme

1 mins
Dec 21, 2023

We are delighted to announce that Happy Days Nurseries and Pre-Schools have now launched the Boogie Mites programme in our nurseries to support goals underpinned by the ‘Strong and Confident Communicators’ aspect of our unique ‘Where Children Shine’ curriculum. Boogie Mites aims to offer early years educators and parents the knowledge, confidence, and resources to harness the brain-boosting power of music every day, encouraging children to move and develop through music.

In preparation for this exciting launch, our colleagues took part in training, hosted by Liv McLennan. Alex Venter, Quality Lead Manager, who attended training, shares her admiration for the team and excitement for this new instalment, “We had a brilliant time at training – it was incredibly engaging, and I cannot wait to continue sessions in the nursery. The children really enjoy this activity and training has only allowed us to enrich these experiences even further.”

Sue Newman, Operations Director at Boogie Mites, shares her excitement for this partnership, “We are delighted to be introducing Boogie Mites School Ready Music Programme to Happy Days Nurseries. Our trainer, Liv McLennan, has enjoyed working with such an enthusiastic team over the three Saturday training sessions. We look forward to working with Happy Days, supporting implementation, and extending music knowledge, confidence, and resources via our monthly webinars”.

Starting children on a musical journey in pre-school, develops auditory processing and rhythmic skills, laying strong foundations for language, literacy, and learning in a school environment.” Click here to find out more about Boogie Mites, their missions, and how the programme can be implemented at home or nursery.