From being a Happy Days child to being a Happy Days employee!

1 mins
May 07, 2024

From being a Happy Days child to being a Happy Days employee, Alice Avery joined Happy Days nurseries & Pre-Schools as Digital Marketing Executive late last year. Twenty-One years before this Alice was a Happy Days child at Penrice nursery and now works along side of her previous nursery manager.

Growing up in Cornwall during the 2000’s Happy Days was progressively becoming a well known name amongst parents and other members of the community. Alice’s parents felt Penrice was the perfect nursery for her, with it being only 5 minutes from their home and having a fabulous outdoor area for free-play. Penrice is also where Alice and her mother spent their first week together, so Happy Days was all too fitting. Her mother, Carol adds ‘We viewed Happy Days Nurseries as an extremely professional company, one we could trust would take care of our first-born.’

Alice started off part-time in the baby room as an Explorer, then progressed to the Adventurers room at age two, where she had fun with all kinds of crafts and used new-found social skills. The nursery manager at the time was Wendy, who is now Early Years Operations Manager for Cornwall and Devon.

Wendy says ‘I do recognise you in your pretty pink dress! I have been with Happy Days for nearly 22 years and I have had the absolute pleasure of seeing thousands of children attend Happy Days Nurseries. Being part of so many children’s lives is what makes me so proud, even if it is for a short time, not only getting to know the children but also the families too. I quite often see past families in Asda and they still remember me and that makes my day.’

Alice comments ‘I’ve loved my time working at Happy Days so far, marketing is my passion and it makes it all the more special that I used to be a Happy Days child. I hope to inspire parents to allow their children to have the same wonderfully happy start to life that I did. Who knows where Happy Days may take them!’