Happy Days Exeter have been getting their green fingers on!

1 mins
May 03, 2024

Despite the rain, spring has arrived at Happy Days Nursery Exeter. The children have been making the most of it by getting their green fingers on. They’ve been planting various flowers and vegetables for the Happy Days garden.  

The Adventurers had a large selection of seeds to choose from to plant; Cucumbers, Carrots, Morning Glory, Sweet William, Godetia and sun flowers. After choosing their seed everyone discussed all the different things that plants need to grow.

This helps them develop their understanding of the natural world, appreciate it’s beauty and learn to take care of it. This is part of the Inquisitive & Ambitious Thinker aspect of our curriculum through the Let’s Grow Programme. Throughout the year the children have the opportunity to sow seeds, tend to the plants and harvest the produce, improving their understanding of where food comes from.