Case Study: The Hollies Daycare Nursery on the Camau Journey

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Jul 04, 2024

We opened our first nursery in 1991 and now operate 22 nurseries throughout the South West and Wales, with a further two opening in 2024!
With over thirty years of expert experience and an ethos to support children to become strong and motivated learners for life, we pride ourselves on providing a service to enable parents to work and live their daily lives knowing their children are cherished and cared for to the highest standard.

The Hollies Daycare Nursery was established in March 2002 and quickly established an excellent reputation for providing first-class quality care for children of pre-school age in the Canton area of Cardiff.

We are registered with Care Inspectorate Wales for 148 children. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.
We offer breakfast club, wrap around and after school club. We promote and offer the Childcare Offer in Wales.
to foster the development of the Welsh language and its culture in order to provide a continuum of care and education between home and nursery.

Where did you hear about Camau?

We wanted to increase our Welsh within our daily routine and contacted NDNA Cymru. A meeting was set up and we heard about Camau through the Welsh promise, and this is why we decided to get some staff on the training.

2 of our Staff, Kim and Sam embarked and complete the on the self-study Camau course. This Welsh language course is bespoke to the childcare and early years sector. The Camau Mynediad 1 gave us the basic Welsh, such as colours, number, pronunciations, and greetings.

Kim said:

“The course was helpful as it refreshed knowledge already known and it was good to be able to do this on my own time.”

Sam said:
“I now feel more confident to use more Welsh in the setting and be confident to converse with fluent Welsh speaking children. The course met expectations and I’m now doing the foundation 1 level”

How do you incorporate into your setting now?

Staff have been able to use more incidental Welsh when communicating with the children. As a setting we decided to enrol onto the Welsh Promise. As the Welsh Promise is a way for Childcare and Play settings to increase their use of Welsh and demonstrates that we are working towards achieving the Active Offer into manageable bite-sized sections.

We had to provide evidence to NDNA Cymru of our commitment to the language and to evaluate our use of Welsh within the setting. We ensure that the Welsh language is seen and heard through incidental Welsh being used by staff and we display greetings bilingually. Our display boards are all bilingual.

Here at the Hollies we provide learning opportunities for the children which include some Welsh and make every effort to greet people at the setting bilingually.

Some of our introductory paperwork is now available bilingually. We embrace and celebrate Welsh Language and culture by making special dates throughout they year and through stories, singing and variety of daily circle time activities.

We have attended 2 of the NDNA Cymru Welsh Language webinars, “Dydd Miwsig Cymru” and “amser stori”. The children really enjoy the webinars.

Welsh is incorporated daily through incidental Welsh, Welsh singing and stories, bilingual display boards

Case study: Case study The Hollies on the Camau journey V0.1 – March, 2024

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