Terms & Conditions for Discounts and Promotions at Happy Days

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Terms & Conditions for Discounts and Promotions at Happy Days

Employer Discounts

We are pleased to be working with local companies/organisations and offer employer discounts in some of our settings, subject to availability. Please speak to the Nursery Manager to find out what employer discounts are available.

Sibling Discounts

If you have more than one child attending our nurseries we offer a 5% discount for each, subject to availability.

Other Discounts

Other discounts may be available for non‐grant funded children on a nursery by nursery basis, subject to availability. Please speak to your nursery manager for more details.

Any discount cannot be used if your child is accessing Early Years Education Entitlement.

Free Settling Sessions

We know that starting a new nursery is an anxious time for both parents and children, which is why our settling in process is so important and unique to Happy Days.

We believe that the settling in process should take as long as you and your child need and is tailored to your child. Every child reacts differently; some will settle straight away and others will need more time and reassurance before they are ready to spend time away from you. Don’t worry, we will be there for you and your child every step of the way – we have over 30 years’ experience and our colleagues are used to meeting the individual needs of each and every child.

We aim to start settling in sessions 6–8 weeks before your start date.

Recommend a Friend

If you recommend a friend to Happy Days who subsequently books a place for their child, you will receive up to £100. Please ask for a “Recommend a Friend” card for full details and terms and conditions.

For more information visit: https://happydaysnurseries.com/parent-information/recommend-a-friend/