How Happy Days Lets You Track Child Development

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Mar 27, 2024

As a parent, being able to see and track the development of your child while at nursery is key, as it not only shows the progress, they are making but also helps you feel more comfortable when they aren’t at home.

We use the ParentZone app to help facilitate communication between parents and the nursery and allow you to track your child’s development easily.

Read on to find out how it works!

How ParentZone can help you relax

ParentZone offers a wide range of functionalities to help parents understand and track the progress being made by their children. It allows our team to input weekly observations and 6 monthly assessments regarding your child’s progress.  

This way, you can see the activities your child has been participating in while at nursery, through professional observations, photos, and videos from our team. Meaning that you can gain an understanding of what your child is doing and rest easy knowing that they are being well kept care of.

Also, if you have multiple children or need to look back on an old update, you can filter your timeline so that it only shows information specific to what you need!

Happy Days are forward-thinking

Nursery is all about the development and growth of your child – learning new things, exploring new concepts, and finding out as much about the world as possible. Happy Days utilises a child centred learning model which encourages the children in our care to explore their education at their own pace while also setting them up for school effectively.

This involves using technology, music, sports and more to learn and discover in their own way, especially since these aspects play such a major role in modern society.

Happy Days Nurseries is proud to implement technology into our operations for the benefit of our children and parents, and we utilise the leading nursery app in the UK, ParentZone, to do that.

Two-way communication helps improve the nursery experience

ParentZone isn’t only used to keep you in the know, though. As a parent, you can also let us know when something has happened that may mean we need to change the way we care for them day-to-day.

The app also means that you don’t have to find your key person first thing in the morning when things are in a rush to tell them important information – you can simply upload the necessary information to the app and rest assured, knowing that they will receive it.

You can use any information given to you by your child’s key person to support your child’s learning at home, bringing in new concepts they’ve learned during family playtime. The reverse is also true, where you can upload photos or let us know of recent trips or activities that our staff can then talk to your child about, helping them grow communication skills and confidence.

See everything for yourself on our comprehensive user guide to ParentZone!

What do people think of ParentZone

Our ParentZone app is fully compliant with Ofsted requirements and is often a key consideration in the decision process for parents choosing between local nurseries. 

A quote from Laura, one of our parents:

“The ParentZone app is wonderful. It’s very easy to use, you can turn notifications on or off as you want, and it pretty much updates you during the day on what your child has done. It gives you an in-depth description and it uploads photos of your little one during the day. It’s so nice to see.”

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Get in touch with Happy Days

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Happy Days Nurseries & Pre-Schools partner with Connect Childcare to roll out ParentZone across all of their nurseries.

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Dec 14, 2023

Happy Days are delighted to announce that they have commenced the roll out of ParentZone across their nurseries, with 80% of settings now using the app. This award-winning app is designed to build stronger partnerships with parents and caregivers, providing instant updates to involve families in their children’s day at nursery.

ParentZone has been developed by Connect Childcare and has been in the industry for over 18 years. They have won a number of awards and are loved and trusted by over 3,400 nurseries, 77,000 practitioners & 180,000 parents.

With ParentZone, parents can receive updates on the activities their child has been participating in throughout the day along with professional observations of their child’s learning and development through photos, videos and notes. It also allows the child’s Key Person to share important daily information like what food their child has eaten, nap times or nappy changes, too.

The ParentZone App allows parents to upload their own experiences with their child at home, making it quick and easy to share activities and their child’s developmental milestones between home and nursery. It even has a full parent hub that helps families facilitate their child’s learning from home.

At Happy Days, we believe that building relationships with our families is extremely instrumental to the delivery of care, and ParentZone has already highlighted strengths in communication.

Jackie Cambridge, Head of Quality, stated, “The introduction of the app has reduced the time practitioners spend completing paperwork to track children’s progress, make observations and assessments, allowing more time to be spent engaged in meaningful interactions with children.

The app has also strengthened parent partnerships providing an interactive two way communication between parents, nursery and the child’s Key Person, which effectively supports children’s learning and development both at home and at Nursery.”

Our parents are also delighted with the App.

Helen, a parent at Happy Days, Treloweth, commented, “I just wanted to say how much I love the ParentZone app and to tell you how much I appreciate it. I think it’s a credit to yourselves that this app is kept up to date daily regardless of what’s happening at the nursery. It’s great to see what she’s been eating but the best bit is the snap shots! These are amazing and gives us parents insight into what they are up to at nursery.”

Samantha, also a parent at Happy Days, Treloweth, stated, “ParentZone is fantastic! It’s so great to see snapshots of our daughter’s time at nursery and she loves looking at the photos each evening and talking us through her day. We like to upload things from home too, to share with her key worker, it’s perfect for creating a full picture of her early years.”

To find out more about ParentZone, including its features and set-up information, click here: